Ariel Greenwood of Holistic Ag gives her thoughts on what it's like to be a female rancher and the challenges young people face in gaining access to land.
David Montgomery explains how soil health has influenced the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history.
Nikki Silvestri, founder of Silvestri Strategies discusses the approach to building healthy, thriving communities and stresses the importance of inspiring people with a vision.
Urban shepherdess, Brittany Cole Bush, explains basic concepts of carefully managed livestock and her vision for a grazing school of the west.
The French Minister of Agriculture, St├ęphane Le Foll, discusses the 4 per 1000 initiative for carbon sequestration in soils for food security and the climate.
Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms explains his vision for the farm of the future: one that is mobile, modular, and management intensive. This changes the economic profile of the farm, providing an opportunity for young farmers to get in and old folks to get out so that we can have a transition between generations.
Soil scientist, Rattan Lal, discusses the immense opportunity to address food security and climate change through rebuilding soil health.
Wildlife Biologist, Allan Savory, explains the connection between climate change and desertification.
Filmmaker and ecologist, John D. Liu, discusses his eco-restoration cooperative's mission to restore watersheds, rebuild soil health, and foster biodiversity.
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